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Thursday, November 26, 2009

paquiao;the hero of the philippines

Here's to you, Manny Pacquiao, the Superman super featherweight from the island nation.

There is nothing like Manny Pacquiao in all of professional sports.

Pacquaio is likely to be vested with another presidential citation for his latest feat, he said, adding "his victory symbolizes that there is nothing a Filipino cannot do."

After his super victory, while being interviewed by HBO's Larry Merchant, Pacquiao thanked his compatriots and his president for their love and support. As he spoke, there was no doubt that the entire nation and President Arroyo were watching, listening and celebrating.

As an American, I find myself somewhat envious of what the people of the Philippines have. We have nothing close to what they share with Manny Pacquiao.

"Pacquiao, the greatest Filipino athlete and truly a hero .Whereas millions of Filipinos are xpected to welcome the greatest boxer, sana hindi kasama iyong mga officials na nakabuntot palagi ni Manny .They arenot part of the limelight and they are not welcome , their faces are undesirables and will make millions of welcomers look " makasimangot ang mga mukha ". Like the mayor of Bacolod, the belt-man Leonardia , the hawaaian shirted DENR Boss Atienza, the security officer of Pacquiao , Chavit Singson , and the double -image Speaker of the House .Of course they have big story to tell to their families that they are seen on tv worlwide .But among the millions of viewers around the globe in Asia, Latin and South America, Europe, in Africa, Carribean, and the South pacific island nations not one of you is remembered , all eyes is on Pacquiao. Surely you are mistakenly believed as waterboys or errand boys . Naku . ."

Not long ago we had our Michael Jordan. Millions of Americans wanted to be like Mike. Then again, millions of Americans couldn't have cared less. It didn't come close to what Manny means to the Philippines.

Twenty-five years ago a man named Sugar Ray Leonard transcended the sport and became a larger celebrity, but I'm not sure I can accurately call him a "national hero."

"Government officials should take the example and lessons from manny pacquiao : that one can earn money the honest way, with hardwork , discipline, prayer, and gratitude to God and one's countrymen.
our officials should have faith in themselves that even the "thieviest" among them can change by doing a manny pacquiao against their habits of dishonesty and greed. because if they win these bouts individually, then we'll have total change in our country.
but unlike cotto's face, our officials have buffalo hides that would require not glutathione to smoothen but sosa to unclog its pores !"

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